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Get A Commemorative Carroll Shelby Signature


The Carroll Shelby Foundation is now offering the only authorized Commemorative Carroll Shelby Signature.  This is a simulated signature produced exclusively for the Carroll Shelby Foundation and the Carroll Shelby Legacy Collection.    


A $50 donation you can have the only authorized Carroll Shelby Signature and help CSF to continue in Carroll’s philanthropic vision.  This commemorative signature can be produced on most items and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Carroll Shelby Foundation.

Click Here for the Commemorative Autograph Form


This is only an example of the commemorative signature.  Airbag Covers are NOT sold through CSF.  Please send your item to be signed to the CSF.

  • This is a simulated signature by a state of the art auto-pen.
  • The commemorative Signature can be produced on a number of different items, from air bag covers, posters, books, etc. 
  • Please DO NOT SEND your complete airbag, only the airbag cover.
  • Please send your item to the Carroll Shelby Foundation to receive this exclusive signature. 


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